We want to make even more special, sophisticated and unique our bicycles drawing and designing as well as the frame even two different types of handlebars, this time not in steel but of wood. Wood is warm in winter and pleasant to the touch and leads to the same combinations that can find in the interior design. Our journey from Veneto continued in Lombardy, in the province of Como, where we met another active family business for three generations, Cerchi Ghisallo. Ancient workshop famous in Italy and abroad, born 40 years ago, only one for construction with passion of wooden rims for bikes in various sizes and punctures, resistant as metal ones, but more elastic.

With this experience of working and resistance of wood, we created two handlebars in American walnut. This design choice is due to particular qualities that this type of wood features: American Walnut wood indeed aging embel- lished as leather, also the non-uniformity of pigments in veining makes the color changes from dark to clear within the same piece, making each one piece unique handlebar. The curvature of the lamellar technique, instead, makes our handlebars extremely resistant and does not favor the creation of splinters in case of a possible accident, so it is not dangerous even if it were to break.