Agua Glam Kitchen, for Artec - Colombini group designed by Antonio Lanzillo & Partners.

It is thinked in three moodboards.


Femininity expressed through elegant and sophisticated compositions.
Lightness and romanticism are the inspiration for the colours, shapes and the evanescent atmosphere:
a modern kitchen that tips a wink to the past. A fascinating touch of bon ton for an entirely feminine style.

The great attention paid to the details results in the careful selection of handles, combined with the design and proposed materials. An Agua glam living area solution enhanced by the interplay of volumes created by the new open unit made of plexiglass. The beauty of the essential consolidates a definition of unusual modernity. 

Interplay of colours to create:
the warm tones of the cherry finish and delicacy of cipria opaco characterise sober and welcoming composition. 

It draws inspiration from the
art of decoration, expressing
a neoclassical spirit in its details and the entirety of its personality in its colours. Agua glam expresses its most refined look through carefully tailored details and references to the world of fashion design. Soft profiles reveal concepts of elegant ease and aesthetic lightness. 

The shaped tops accentuate the enhanced ergonomics of the spaces, for a choice that goes beyond mere aesthetics. The janitorial supply cabinet and 15 cm removable unit for the base unit are just a few examples of space rationalization. 

The contaminations of the city, colours of metropolitan style,
and expressions of linearity
are represented in agua glam with dynamism and style. Compositions decisive and structured, that love to astonish with colour and geometry. Extreme geometries and linearity express a new concept of contemporary dynamism.  

Every Artec model is inspired by practicality: thinking of a room that is beautiful but above all functional, many different systems and units have been designed for optimization. 

From the kitchen to the living area, Agua glam suggests continuity of form and style to embellish even the smallest rooms. Strict modularity and rational geometries for a highly contemporary proposal.  

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